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Britannica School is the best digital tool for teaching and learning and the best digital tool for blended learning.

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Meet the unique needsof every learner

  • Can toggle between 3 reading levels

    Students can switch between three reading levels for each article, read the article aloud, hear word pronunciations and read definitions in English using Merriam-Webster's double-click dictionary. Each article can also be translated into over 80 languages.

  • Fact-Checked Articles

  • Images & Videos

  • Biographies


Elementary Level

Designed with younger learners in mind, the Elementary home page offers exciting topics and eye-catching visuals to help keep students engaged. Regularly updated content makes the home page the perfect place to find unique lesson hooks and discussion points, and to ignite student curiosity!


Middle Level

The Middle Level home page caters to middle level learners. Resources can be used to inspire curiosity, engage in discussion, or encourage independent learning. Additional features on the Middle Level home page include the Video of the Week, At-A-Glance articles, and much more!


High Level

Content at the High level is designed to be of relevance to students in High School. The home page allows students to engage with features such as Flash Facts and On This Day. Students can conduct research and develop critical thinking skills that will prepare them for college and a career.

What customers are saying

“When you have a reliable source, like Britannica, then you won’ t have the problems with misinformation that we’ re often encountering in today’ s world.”‒ Elementary School Teacher from Illinois

Early Elementary Level

Early Elementary

Created for Young Learners

Britannica School: Early Elementary offers a safe, age-appropriate educational environment to inspire the next generation of scholars.

Easy to use, Engaging Interface

Our intuitive interface was created specifically for young learners, providing a world of exploration and discovery at their fingertips.

Cater to Diverse Student Needs

Our highly engaging, non-fiction articles are designed for beginning readers, with leveled articles for every reader and natural audio read-aloud.